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PRS "Collection By Private Stock" Guitars
When Paul Reed Smith assumed leadership of the PRS Private Stock
program in 2009, he remarked, "I'm looking forward to building
guitars again." The Collection Series from Private Stock provides him
the opportunity to do just that. Much like the sought-after
"Paul's 28" guitars, these instruments will be built in small batches
(about a dozen at a time) and will incorporate a balance of PRS
traditions and exclusive "prototype stage" specifications. A very
limited number - approximately 70 acoustics and 70 electrics - will
be made in total each year and will be sold to our dealer network
in pairs comprised of one acoustic and one electric guitar.
  Collection instruments are built using the finest materials from
Private Stock's most select stash of exotic tone woods. Many of
these woods, including prized Pernambuco, a rare wood chosen for
mastergrade violin bows, will be used to make necks and
fingerboards, and will no longer be available for standard Private Stock
orders. Proprietary specs, including Celtic knot inlays, will not be
offered on forthcoming Private Stock guitars as well. Paul will
personally oversee the design and construction of each Collection guitar.
  The aim of the Collection guitars will be to combine the visual
aesthetics that have made PRS guitars famous with hand selected tone
woods and custom wound pickups to coax the maximum tone
from each guitar. Rather than museum pieces, Paul Reed Smith
personally views these guitars as the ultimate player's
instruments, much like rare concert quality violins.
  Collection Series instruments cannot be ordered, but will be
available from exclusive Private Stock dealers.
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PRS "Collection by Private Stock" Acoustic and Electric Guitars
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