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New Fender Custom Shop Time Machine
Guitars and Basses At GuitarRez.Com


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Fender Time Machine NOS, Closet Classic, or Relic Guitars and
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New Fender Custom Shop/Time Machine Basses
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  • For over 50 years the top players in rock, blues, and country have
    chosen Fender guitars, making the Telecaster and Stratocaster
    legends in the industry. Guitar Rez proudly carries the Fender Time
    Machine guitars - only the finest Fenders built with the quality
    reminiscent of vintage models of the past. If you're looking for the
    tone of that old vintage Fender guitar that's priced out of reach,
    the Time Machine Guitars and Basses are the practical solution.
    Fender still builds them the way they used to, right down to the
    "halo" beneath the pickguard on a '51 Nocaster. Guitar Rez has
    sold and played hundreds of original vintage Fender guitars, dating
    back to our origins as a vintage store 30 years ago. We were
    certainly suprised to find that these new affordable custom shop
    guitars do have the feel and tone of the best vintage Strats, Teles
    and Basses. The Time Machine series instruments pay homage to
    specific years marking some of the Fender company's classic
    designs. All are built to the specs of the vintage originals,
    including the body contours and radii, neck shapes, and pickups and
    electronics. Original materials, tooling, and production techniques
    are employed whenever possible to maintain the historical
    integrity of these instruments!