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Guitar is Proud to be an Authorized Dealer for the Following Brands:
https"65" Guitar Amps
https"A.E.R." Acoustic Guitar Amps
httpsAguilar Bass Amps, Cabs and Pickups
httpsAlembic Basses
httpsAlembic Guitars
httpsBad Cat Guitar Amplifiers
httpsJoe Barden Pickups
httpsBogner Guitar Amplifiers
httpsBoss Pedal Effects
httpsBudda Guitar Pedal Effects
httpsCAST Engineering Pedal Effects
httpsCatalinbread Pedal Effects
https"CA" Composite Acoustics Guitars
https"Carl Martin" Pedal Effects
https"Charvel" Electric Guitars
httpsDarkglass Amps and Pedal Effects for Bass
httpsDOD and Digitech Effects Pedals
httpsDr.Z Guitar Amplifiers
https"Electro-Harmonix" Effects Pedals
https"Engl" German Rock'n'Roll Amps
httpsEVH Guitars!
httpsFender "AcoustaSonic" Acoustic/Electric Guitars
httpsFender "Custom Shop" "Time Machine" Guitars
httpsFender "Custom Shop/Time Machine" Basses
httpsFender "Artist" Series Guitars
httpsFender "American Original" Guitars and Basses
httpsFender "American Professional" Guitars and Basses
httpsFender "American Elite" Guitars and Basses
httpsFender Tube Guitar Amplifiers
httpsFishman Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers
https"Fret King" and "Vintage" Electric Guitars
https"Furch" Acoustic Guitars
"G&L" Guitars
https"G&L" Basses
httpsGallien-Krueger Bass Amplifiers
https"George L's" Custom Cables
httpsGibson Acoustic Guitars
httpsGibson Custom/Historic Electric Guitars
https"Godin" Electric Guitars and Basses
httpsGretsch Electric Guitars
httpsGrosh Custom Electric Guitars
httpsGuild Acoustic Guitars
httpsGuild Electric Guitars
httpsIbanez Soundgear Basses
httpsIbanez Electric Guitars
httpsJackson Electric Guitars
https"J Rockett" Effects Pedals
https"Keeley Electronics" Effects Pedals
httpsGeorge Lowden Acoustic Guitars
https"Lunastone" Effects Pedals
https"N.S. Design" Upright Basses
PRS Acoustic Guitars
httpsPRS Electric Guitars
httpsPRS Paul Reed Smith Guitar Amplifiers
https"Pigtronix" Analog Pedal Effects
https"Rainsong" Graphite Acoustic Guitars
httpsRickenbacker Guitars and Basses
httpsRivera Guitar Amplifiers
https"Roscoe" Guitars and Basses
httpsKevin Ryan Acoustic Guitars
https"Santa Cruz" Acoustic Guitars
httpsSeagull Acoustic Guitars
httpsSheeran Guitars by Lowden
httpsSpector Guitars and Basses
httpsFurch/Stonebridge Acoustic Guitars
httpsTeuffel Electric Guitars
https"T.C. Electronic" Pedals
https"Trace Elliot" Bass Amps
https"Visual Sound" Effects/One Spots
https"Xotic" Pedal Effects by ProSound
"Z Vex" Pedal Effects