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Ibanez 2670re Double Neck Ibanez at Guitar Rez
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PRS Guitars and Fender Guitar Dealer in Austin, Texas
Guitar Resurrection - Austin, Texas
Our address is: 813 Morrow Street, Austin,TX 78757
This is just South of U.S. 183 off North Lamar. We are
Just 5 Minutes East from Northcross Mall
Our phone number is +1(512)380-0405
Click Here to E-Mail Us!
We will be maintaining our reduced hours of
12-5 Tues - Sat.
Please Email Us With Questions or Orders!!

Guitar Rez Has New Arrivals Almost Every Day!
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After 48 Years in Austin Texas, in the next few months Guitar Resurrection Will Be Closing Our
Business. We Would like to Thank All Our Friends and Loyal Customers Who Have
Contributed to Our Long Success, and Allowed Us to Pursue Our Goals Of Carrying
Quality Products and Doing Honest Business. All New and Used Items in Stock Are Now
Available With Up To 30% Additional Discounts On Our Already Discounted Prices on
Guitars, Basses, Amps and Accessories by Rickenbacker, Fender, Gibson, G&L, PRS, Dr.Z,
Bad Cat, and Many Other Fine Brands. Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!
Guitar is Proud to be an Authorized Dealer for the Following Brands:
"65" Guitar Amps
"A.E.R." Acoustic Guitar Amps
Aguilar Bass Amps, Cabs and Pickups
Alembic Basses
Alembic Guitars
Bad Cat Guitar Amplifiers
Joe Barden Pickups
Bogner Guitar Amplifiers
Boss Pedal Effects
Budda Guitar Pedal Effects
CAST Engineering Pedal Effects
Catalinbread Pedal Effects
"CA" Composite Acoustics Guitars
"Carl Martin" Pedal Effects
"Charvel" Electric Guitars
Darkglass Amps and Pedal Effects for Bass
DOD and Digitech Effects Pedals
Dr.Z Guitar Amplifiers
"Electro-Harmonix" Effects Pedals
"Engl" German Rock'n'Roll Amps
EVH Guitars!
Fender "AcoustaSonic" Acoustic/Electric Guitars
Fender "Custom Shop" "Time Machine" Guitars
Fender "Custom Shop/Time Machine" Basses
Fender "Artist" Series Guitars
Fender "American Original" Guitars and Basses
Fender "American Professional" Guitars and Basses
Fender "American Elite" Guitars and Basses
Fender Tube Guitar Amplifiers
Fishman Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers
"Fret King" and "Vintage" Electric Guitars
"Furch" Acoustic Guitars
"G&L" Guitars
"G&L" Basses
Gallien-Krueger Bass Amplifiers
"George L's" Custom Cables
Gibson Acoustic Guitars
Gibson Custom/Historic Electric Guitars
"Godin" Electric Guitars and Basses
Gretsch Electric Guitars
Don Grosh Custom Electric Guitars
Ibanez Soundgear Basses
Ibanez Electric Guitars
Jackson Electric Guitars
"J Rockett" Effects Pedals
"Keeley Electronics" Effects Pedals
George Lowden Acoustic Guitars
"Lunastone" Effects Pedals
"N.S. Design" Upright Basses
PRS Acoustic Guitars
PRS Electric Guitars
PRS Paul Reed Smith Guitar Amplifiers
"Pigtronix" Analog Pedal Effects
"Rainsong" Graphite Acoustic Guitars
Rickenbacker Guitars and Basses
Rivera Guitar Amplifiers
"Roscoe" Guitars and Basses
Kevin Ryan Acoustic Guitars
"Santa Cruz" Acoustic Guitars
Seagull Acoustic Guitars
Sheeran Guitars by Lowden
Spector Guitars and Basses
Furch/Stonebridge Acoustic Guitars
Teuffel Electric Guitars
"T.C. Electronic" Pedals
"Trace Elliot" Bass Amps
"Visual Sound" Effects/One Spots
"Xotic" Pedal Effects by ProSound
"Z Vex" Pedal Effects

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