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New PRS "Custom 24"
Limited Edition Featuring Paul's Signature on Front of Headstock
Please Call (512)478-0095 or E-Mail Us for Our Discount
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This New PRS "Custom 24" Guitar Features:
  • Limited Edition Autographed Guitar
  • Body:
    • One Piece Mahogany Back
    • Carved Flamed Maple "Ten" Top
    • Beautiful "Gold Burst" Color
    • High Gloss "V12" Finish
  • Neck:
    • "Set-In" Neck-to-Body Construction
    • One Piece Mahogany Neck
    • Rosewood Fretboard
    • 24 Frets
    • Abalone and Mother-of-Pearl "Bird" Inlays
    • "Pattern Regular" Neck Profile
    • PRS "Phase III" Open-Back Low Mass Locking Tuners
    • Paul Reed Smith's Autograph on Front of Headstock
  • Bridge:
    • Nickel Plated PRS Floating Vibrato Bridge
  • Pickups/Electronics:
    • Two PRS "59/09" Humbucking Pickups With New
      Larger Radiused Bobbins
    • Five-Way "Blade" Pickup Selector
    • Master Volume and Master Tone Controls
  • Case and Accessories:
    • Standard PRS Tolex Covered Hard Case Included
    • Hang Tags Included
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