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Teuffel "Tesla" Guitar
Now in Stock!
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This New Teuffel "Tesla Classic" Electric Guitar Features:
  • Body:
    • Highly Contoured American Alder Body
    • "Fire" Color
  • Neck:
    • One Piece Bird's-Eye Maple Neck
    • Honduran Rosewood Fretboard
    • Slim "Asymmetric C" Neck Shape
    • Neck-Through-Body Construction
    • 22 Frets
    • 25.5" Scale Length
    • 1.71" Nut Width
    • Hand Machined Nut
    • Phosphorescent Side Dot Markers For Low Light Visibilty
  • Gotoh "Tune-a-Matic" Style Bridge
  • Hand-made Fine-Tune Tailpiece
  • Pickups/Electronics:
    • Two Hand-Made Humbucking Pickups
    • Choose Either Bridge or Neck Pickups (But not Both)
    • Touch Switches for "60Hz Hum", "Instant Muting" and "Feedback"
    • Master Volume and Master Tone Controls
  • Case/Extras:
    • Custom Aluminum Carry Case with Roller Wheels Included
    • Tool Kits Included

    Guitar Rez is proud to be one of the few dealers in the world for Teuffel
    guitars. These remarkable instruments have pushed the boundaries
    of guitar design into new areas of form and function. Ulrich's Teuffel's
    innovative body designs have been displayed in several prominent museums.

    The "Tesla" and "Niwa" use wood bodies with new shapes and
    electronics that are not only beautiful to see, but the instruments will
    have you creating new sounds you hadn't previously imagined.

    Teuffel's ultimate statement is the "Birdfish" guitar. The Birdfish
    is nothing less than a complete deconstruction and re-imagining
    of what an electric guitar can be. Looking like modern sculpture and
    having a sound that is dynamic and full, the Bird Fish is, as one
    British magazine called it, "One of the Most Important Guitars of the
    20th Century." We certainly think it's the most original guitar design
    in the last 30 years.

    The Teuffel Birdfish allows the player several choices of pickups,
    pickup placement, and woods that can all be changed in minutes!
    The guitar balances perfectly, whether you are standing, or sitting.
    Artists such as Billy Gibbons, Kirk Hammett, and David Torn have raved
    about it's sound and functionality.

    Teuffel guitars are very limited production instruments.. Ulrich
    makes fewer than 30 instruments a year. This insures both the
    quality and desirability of Teuffel guitars.

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